Head of Sales

  • Post Date: October 7, 2021
  • Isle of Man
Job Description

Role Description:
The Head of Travel & MVNE Sales has the primary role of leading the sales function, overseeing activities of account managers and business development managers and monitoring performance as a whole of the vertical. The Head of Sales defines and communicates the business’s KPIs and targets to sales personnel on a regular basis, analyses patterns in consumer and business market behaviour and subsequently defines data-driven action strategies in order to consistently optimise the business’s commercial performance.

This is a data-driven role that requires strong commercial acumen and a deep understanding of the customer base and their marketplace, the competitive market, and an ability to analyse the sales department performance. The role is an integral part of the business in that it also involves the management of customers, external partners and collaborations with numerous internal departments.

This individual is tasked with implementing sales strategies that further the departments agenda and drives enhanced revenue generation for the business. The role delivers an optimised market mix relative to the core target customers and identifies the roadmap that will lead to achievement of the department’s goals as well as the overall goals of the business.

The Head of Sales is also tasked with managing key relationships on behalf of the business. They will build strong relationships with customers, external partners and consumers and regularly interacts with them by attending sales workshops, seminars, hosting events, hosting sales events for the business product, playing an active role in industry organizations and so forth.

These efforts establish the business as a market and thought leader and open avenues for identification of potential opportunities for sales and revenue generation. In this capacity, conducts regular and consistent research on the latest market best practices and trends in order to constantly keep the business at par or even ahead of other players and driving greater sales resulting from the securing a greater market share.

The role utilises analytics tools and works with the commercial team in undertaking detailed analyses of sales performance for the purpose of reporting sales strategy successes, weaknesses and opportunities. Through various research and analyses, the role identifies areas of improvement in sales strategies and with a view of establishing actionable insights for the improving of sales and business profits. The role also monitors and observes the brand and ensures the customers experiences are always consistent with the Brand. The role makes forecasts, identifying new trends ahead of the curve, hence, offering the business a competitive advantage and keeping it ahead of its competition in the market.

Skills & Experience Required:
– Excellent leadership skills, portraying an ability to move and inspire a large group
– Have a friendly, likeable demeanour
– Sales Professional with strong sales leadership expertise
– 7+ years experience in a sales environment
– International focused telecommunications industry
– 5 GCSE’s grade A-C including Maths & English

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