Business Systems Analyst

  • Post Date: March 13, 2020
  • Isle of Man
Job Description

Role Responsibilities:
– Applies data analysis, data modelling and quality assurance techniques, based upon a detailed understanding of business processes, to establish, modify or maintain data structures and associated components.
– Investigates current data structures and system setups for processes in use and designs enhancements to or additional processes to achieve the desired business solution.
– Advises database designers and other application development team members on the details of data structures and associated components.
– Investigates problems in systems, processes and services. Assists with the implementation of agreed remedies and preventative measures.
– Able to interpret concepts, ideas and facts by using graphical representations.
– Condenses and encapsulates the characteristics of data, making it easier to surface opportunities, identify risk, and analyse trends to drive effective decision making.
– Presents findings and data insights in creative ways to facilitate the understanding of data cross a range of technical and non-technical audiences.
– Actively participates in a community of researchers; communicating formally and informally through digital media, conferences, journals, books and seminars
– Defines, documents and carries out small projects or sub-projects. Alone or with a small team, actively participating in all phases. Identifies, assesses and manages risks to the success of the project.

Skills & Experience Required:
– Minimum of 3 years’ experience as a Business or Systems Analyst.
– Software Development experience.
– Excellent communication skills (written & verbal).
– Exceptional listener.
– Good team player.
– Analytical Thinking: Acquiring a proper understanding of a problem or situation by breaking it down systematically into its component parts and identifying the relationships between these parts. Selecting the appropriate method/tool to resolve the problem and reflecting critically on the result, so that what is learnt is identified and assimilated.
– AS level or equivalent in Mathematics, Physics, Computing, OR Degree in a computer related subject.
– Advanced SQL Skills.
– Experience of database design for:
*Relational Databases, including ERDs, schema design and data normalisation.
*Data Warehouses, including ETL process design and star schemas.
– Analytical skills – Thinking Interprets quantitative and qualitative information to achieve a business-related objective. Produces effective solutions to complex problems. Identifies underlying trends and issues and does not always stop at initial answer. Systematic and logical.