Application / Software Developers

  • Post Date: September 21, 2021
  • Isle of Man
Job Description

Your duties will involve building software by writing code, modifying software to fix errors, adapting it to new hardware, improving performance, or upgrade interfaces. In addition you will also be involved in directing system testing and validation procedures, working with customers and departments on technical issues including software system design and maintenance.

Duties and Responsibilities include:
– Assisting the Development Manager with all aspects of software design and development;
– Attending and contributing to company development meetings, workshops and discussions;
– Learning the codebase and technology stack being utilised across our applications;
– Writing and maintaining code, Hunt and fix bugs;
– Monitoring the technical performance of internal systems;
– Gathering information about program functionality.
– Developing reports when required, conducting development testing and validation procedures;
– Modifying software to fix errors, adapt it to new hardware, improve its performance, or upgrade interfaces;
– Directing software programming and documentation development;
– Preparing reports on programming project specifications, activities, or status;
– Consulting with departments or customers on project status and proposals, with project managers to obtain information on limitations or capabilities;
– Working with customers or departments on technical issues including software system design and maintenance;
– Analysing information to recommend and plan the installation of new systems or modifications of an existing system;
– Consulting with engineering staff to evaluate software-hardware interfaces and develop specifications and performance requirements;
– Designing and developing software systems using scientific analysis and mathematical models, predicting and measuring outcomes and design consequences.

Skills and Experience Required:
– Minimum 2 years + work experience in Software/Application Development
– Practical in-job knowledge and skills in .NET coding languages (C# .Net / .Net Core) and technologies/toolsets
– Deep programming language knowledge and experience
– Working with both Web/API Applications & Service Applications
– Knowledge of databases and operating systems
– Knowledge of the software development life-cycle
– The desire to work in fast-paced environment
– Ability to develop unit testing of code components or complete applications
– Creativity is always a plus
– Be a full-stack developer and understand concepts of software engineering
– Experience working on a variety of software development projects

– C++ Experience
– Telecoms Experience (SIP/SS7/Diameter/SMPP)
– Networking / Microsoft Windows Server
– Front-end techniques such as JQuery, Angular and Bootstrap
– Familiar with advance concepts such as network protocols, threading, message queuing

Phone 01624 615600